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The Story
Zion on the 9 

Our family, the Kuikahi Ohana moved to Virgin, Utah in 2020. The move was propelled by a leap of faith and perfect timing. We sold everything and  followed our hearts to purchase the beautiful property, Zion on the 9. We created a home and space to follow our life's passions: Hosting events and BnB hospitality. Our aspirations also include creating an animal sanctuary, farming fruit, vegetables, flower gardens, and more. 


We see our property and home as a long term opportunity to create a community space for residents and travelers. Our mission is to be of service to others, through community based creativity and the Art of Gathering. 

Zion on the 9 is best described as magical and charming. Every experience is unique and unforgettable. Considered a diamond in the desert amongst the gems of Zion National Park. Stay with us for quick getaways. Reserve your wedding venue or book us for memorable gatherings with friends and family.


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